The Importance of Reservoir Evaluations for Understanding Reservoir Geology

It is very important to combine reservoir evaluations with production results to fully understand the reservoir geology. At Belloy we are now doing reservoir evaluation using chip samples. This can give us information from any archived well in the reservoir or onsite, in real time. By using cuttings, we are not limited to expensive and […]

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Where is Remote Geosteering Applicable?

Remote Geosteering is the planned directional control of a wellbore based on the downhole geological measurements rather than three-dimensional targets in an attempt to keep a directional wellbore within a specific pay zone.  The vast majority of conventional plays still rely on drill cuttings sample observation to determine the best quality reservoir and the optimal […]

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How does Wellsite Geology Minimize Geological Risk?

Whether it is vertical, directional or horizontal wells, with conventional, invert or underbalanced mud systems or exploration, coring, or development drilling, Belloy Petroleum Consulting is a leading provider of geological support to minimize geological risk. Experience is Key Building on our 35 years in the business and supervising more than 25,000 wells worldwide we have […]

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