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Wellsite Geological Supervision

Wellsite Geological Supervision

Wellsite Geological Supervision

The company was founded over 40 years ago with a focus in providing the highest quality wellsite geology service to all clients. To date, Belloy’s wellsite geologists have supervised more than 25,000 wells worldwide.

Wellsite geological supervision is the primary service offered by Belloy Geologists.

Standard Wellsite Geological Supervision Services Include:

  • Collection, evaluation, integration and supervision of all geological data from the wellsite during all drilling and coring operations.
  • Analyzing, evaluating and describing formations while drilling, using cuttings, gas, LWD, MWD & other data.
  • Preparing and transmitting accurate daily geological reports and detailed summaries of rig activities along with strip logs.
  • Performing real time geological correlation using all data to proactively steer the well for optimal well placement.

We have equipped all of our associates with ‘Wellsight Systems’ Strip.Log and Horizontal.Log software. It provides our clients with clear, concise output of geological data including ROP, Total Gas, Gamma Ray and any other engineering data required. Daily reports are generated using Microsoft Excel and sent along with the strip logs daily via e-mail, to keep our clients fully informed. Wellsight Systems provides a free viewer for their logs on their website (www.wellsight.com).

Our associates are also capable of compressing and encrypting data for secure transmission on confidential wells, at no additional charge. In order to manage all operations, individual well details and scheduling changes for every job, our wellsite geological supervisors utilize specialized tracking software that enables us to access the latest information at any time.


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Our Wellsite Geological Supervisor Reports!

Our geological end-of-well reports are comprehensive yet concise and cover all wellsite information required in today’s oil and gas industry, and any additional information essential to our clients can be easily incorporated into these reports. We strive to provide a rapid turnaround between rig release and delivery of our final geological reports.

Reporting Conclusion
This is an example of our standard directional plot containing the proposed well trajectory along with the actual well path and corresponding ROP, gas, and gamma.