It is very important to combine reservoir evaluations with production results to fully understand the reservoir geology. At Belloy we are now doing reservoir evaluation using chip samples. This can give us information from any archived well in the reservoir or onsite, in real time. By using cuttings, we are not limited to expensive and time consuming core evaluations and can select any well that has been sampled.

How Belloy Can Help

At Belloy we can perform XRFFTIRhyperspectral photography, and grain size analysis onsite or back in the lab. From these different measurements we can calculate rock properties like Poisson’s Ratio and Young’s Modulus, grain size frequency and distribution, TOC, and mineralogy. Once enough data within the reservoir is acquired, processed and compared, models can be created to be used for real time geosteering on future wells within the reservoir. With technological advancements we are now able to perform many types of analysis at the rig while drilling. We are partnered with select industry experts to supply our clients with full service right from supervising the collection and analysis of the samples to the data processing and interpretation of all the results. The cost savings and quick turnaround with using cuttings gives the option to acquire far more data than was typically taken in the past.