In a groundbreaking deal set to transform the Canadian energy landscape, Crescent Point Energy Corp. has announced its agreement to purchase Hammerhead Energy Inc., a Calgary-based company with valuable assets in Alberta’s Montney oil-producing region. This strategic move, valued at $2.55 billion, positions Crescent Point as a dominant force in one of North America’s largest unconventional petroleum plays—the Montney.

The Montney Oil Region: A Vital Energy Hub

The Montney oil-producing region, located in northwest Alberta, has gained immense significance in the world of energy. Known for its vast unconventional petroleum reserves, the Montney has captivated the attention of the energy industry as a prime hub for hydrocarbon production.

With its massive potential for oil and gas extraction, the Montney region has evolved into a critical component of North America’s energy landscape. The acquisition of Hammerhead Energy’s assets in this region provides Crescent Point with a golden opportunity to harness the Montney’s immense reserves and solidify its presence as a key player in the sector.

The Crescent Point-Hammerhead Deal: An Industry Game Changer

As Crescent Point Energy Corp. finalizes its acquisition of Hammerhead Energy Inc., a series of transformative changes is set into motion. The deal, valued at $2.55 billion, offers Crescent Point not just assets, but also positions it to emerge as a dominant force in the Montney region. The acquisition allows Crescent Point to expand its influence and enhance its footprint in this energy-rich area.

The Montney’s Oil and Gas Potential

One of the most attractive aspects of the Montney region is its vast reserves of unconventional petroleum. These include substantial reserves of crude oil and natural gas liquids. As part of the Hammerhead Energy acquisition, Crescent Point secures access to approximately 800 drilling locations within the Montney, positioning it to tap into these substantial hydrocarbon resources.

With a prolific inventory of drilling sites, Crescent Point is poised to bolster its oil and gas production. This move not only adds valuable assets to its portfolio but also enhances the company’s capability to harness the Montney’s oil and gas potential efficiently and effectively.

A New Chapter for Crescent Point

The Hammerhead Energy acquisition not only expands Crescent Point’s presence in the Montney but also catapults the company into a prominent position within the industry. The company will become the largest landowner in the Alberta Montney’s volatile oil fairway. In addition to its newfound dominance in the Montney, Crescent Point is already the largest landowner in the adjacent Kaybob Duvernay play.

By bolstering its presence in the Montney and solidifying its leadership position in Kaybob Duvernay, Crescent Point is poised to navigate its journey as one of Canada’s top oil and gas exploration and production companies. This move propels Crescent Point to the seventh-largest company in the sector by volume.

Anticipating Production Milestones

With the completion of the deal, Crescent Point’s oil and gas production is set to experience remarkable growth. The company anticipates that its daily production will surpass 200,000 barrels of oil equivalent once the acquisition is finalized. This not only signifies an increase in Crescent Point’s production capacity but also cements its status as a major player in the Canadian energy landscape.


Crescent Point Energy Corp.’s $2.55 billion acquisition of Hammerhead Energy Inc. is a game-changer in Canada’s energy sector. This strategic move positions Crescent Point as a dominant force in the Montney region, where abundant reserves of unconventional petroleum are ready to be harnessed. As Crescent Point moves forward with the acquisition, it’s not only expanding its asset base but also paving the way for enhanced oil and gas production in the Montney. This historic deal signifies the company’s commitment to growth, strengthening its presence in the energy industry, and contributing to Canada’s evolving energy landscape.